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Mission Statement

We have built a formidable supply-chain network spread all over the world thus, are able to efficiently accomodate the demand of whole-sellers, traders, and consumers, at the most competetive prices. Ensuring the quality of products and standard of service, we, with all resources, at our disposal would ensure Acorp's goals are attained and, its values are honorably protected.

Corporate Vision

Maintain a robust supply-chain network, deliver ahead of others and cut costs through efficient management of resources; thus, earn recognition and brand loyalty.


Be a servicable entity to all stakeholders in our corporate affairs; thus, add value to the relationships we build and communities we serve.

Strategic Goals

  • LABOR - The current trend in the labor markets in neighboring countries or those with a similarities to the size and structure of Bangladesh’s economy indicate a much sharper rise in wages compared to Bangladesh. Therefore, employers in Bangladesh are set to benefit from its competitive advantage in the labor market, for some time.
  • INNOVATION - Pursue collaboration with ventures which may range from startups to multinational corporations, that promote the ideas of tomorrow; innovate through research, advanced use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and, cutting-edge technology and CI (Computational Intelligence).
  • COORDINATION - Coordinate a strategy and concentrate into projects related to infrastructure development, in line with the short and long term national economic policies. Consult business activities or manage projects that particularly involve both private and public sectors, through PPP.

Core Values

  1. pro COUNTRY - Elevate brand “Bangladesh” in the globally thus, yield greater exposure for its consumers to the world market.
  2. pro EMPLOYEES - Be a skill developer for it's workforce; ensure a fair and congenial working enviroment.
  3. pro TECHNOLOGY - Promote and support innovation and the digital revolution of 21st century; integrate technological advancement for the masses in health and education as top CSR fundamentals.

Board of Directors

Managing Director & CEO

Arafat Ashwad Islam
(view profile)

Non-Executive Director

Fatima Zohra Islam

Independent Director (Finance)

Adil H Chowdhury

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