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Our Core Business Interests

World-class products, premium services and exceptional solutions


Infrastructure Development

With over four decades of experience, the Chairman of Acorp provides invaluable exposure for the company in providing efficient HR, Strategy and Financial/Investment consulting services. manages infrastructure development projects. The services include feasibility study, facilitate project development, value improvement, and market and social researching. We have a global network of leading construction and engineering companies, who have been involved in managing and implementing mega infrastructure development projects in both public and private sectors, or through PPP (public-private partnership).
Relevant products and services: water management services, rail links and transport modernization, road transportation and traffic system management, and, urban development solutions.


RMG Buying House & Trims Supplier

Acorp is a buying house for RMG finished products from the local and export-lot market. It also sources and supplies backward linkage ready-made garment merchandises (accessories) from a tested and deep-rooted network of RMG trim manufacturers. We efficiently source and supply the total composite of export quality and compliance adhered accessories, at competitive pricing, with round-the-clock oversights and physical presence, we make it a point on the quality of the products and punctuality of order delivery.
Relevant products and services: RMG stock-lot (finished merchandises), labels (woven, printed, fabric), strings (draw, crocheted lace, elastic), buttons, tags, bags and carton, and tapes (twill, gum). 


Career & Employment Placement Agent 

Acorp is the country representative of Malaysian higher education and employment placement company, Angle International Sdn Bhd. Under a strategic partnership agreement, Acorp processes admissions applications from Bangladeshi students for Lincoln University College, UNITAR International University, Excel College and In-House Multimedia College. Angle International, also issues employment placements for Bangladeshi workers on behalf of Malaysian employers, which in Bangladesh is processed solely by Acorp.
Relevant products and services: university admissions and students counseling, visa and travel assistance, logistical support for students and workers, career and job placement.  


Healthcare and Ambulance Service

Acorp, through its subsidiary, Sheba 24- provides healthcare services at home and nationwide ambulance service.
Relevant product and services: ambulance service, and home patient and nursing care services mainly pathological tests, doctor visit, surgical follow-up and regular check-up. 


Commodity Trade & Indent Agent

We are an indenting house engaged in the activity of arranging imports of various agricultural commodities from an extensive network of producers and suppliers. We provide a 360-degree trade and logistics support; ranging from sourcing of products from the international market to financing imports for local importers, in the most efficient and affordable way.
Relevant products and services: food grains, edible oil and oil-seeds, spices and coffee.  


Solar Power Systems & LED Lights

Acorp, under a nationwide distributorship agreement with Empire Tradelines (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, holds exclusive rights to market and distribute solar-power systems and LED lighting products manufactured by or under the name of Empire Tradelines.
Relevant products and services: full unit of solar-power systems for industrial and residential use, LED bulbs and other lighting products, maintenance and services support under manufacturer’s technical capacity.  


Food & Beverages

Acorp owns and manages an upscale restaurant in city's Banani area serving Pan-Asian fusion cuisine.

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